Work from Home is here to stay!

Work from Home

The Concept of work from Home due to Corona is here to stay. The employers are happy with the outcome and they have observed that productivity has gone up.

Some of them have announced that the concept will continue next year also till June 2021. They have also provided the workers with New computers and investors.

The work is being controlled by way of technology in the name of the mobile and also net bills. The companies are saving expenditure in the name of the power bill,s transport bills and also food bills.

They need not pay for the maintenance workers also as the employees are working from Home for the last 6 months. The women folk are very happy with the concept of work from Home.

They can take care of the family and also the Office work from Home. The travelling time can be saved and they have time to stay at home. Now some employers are insisting that the new employees should have all the infrastructure so that they can work from Home also in case of any emergency.

So we can say that technology and connectivity will be the buzz word for the future. So having an office room or having a small corner for the computer in the bedroom becomes a must for the future.

But there are employers who are insisting that the employees must come to the office and attend the meetings on weekly basis. They are not happy with the virtual concept. They want employers in front of them at least once a week.