Jakranpallly SI joins JSK Green India Challenge

si sai reddy

The Jakranpally Sub Inspector of police Sai Reddy today has planted 3 saplings supporting the cause of the Green India Challenge started by MP Joginapally Santosh Kumar.

Taking the call of Chief Minister KCR as an inspiration, the MP Joginapally Santosh Kumar has taken the initiative to introduce the Green India challenge where one will plant three saplings and inspire three others to do the same.

Crores of saplings have been planted by the people from various sections of the society. The Green India challenge is being implemented in foreign countries also in the countries by Telugu people and also the TRS cadres.

Green Challenge

The NRIs are also taking part in a big way in this program meant for improving the climatic conditions and reducing the pollution. The program is going on like an extension to the Haritha Haram program introduced by the Chief Minister KCR.

MPs and central Ministers have also planted saplings at the parliament building under the leadership of Joginapally Santosh. They appreciated the task taken up the MP Santosh.