Ada Sharma praises JSK Green India Challenge

Adah Sharma

Popular leading Heroine Ada Sharma has praised the concept of Green India Challenge founded by MP Joginapally Santosh Kumar. The concept of planting trees and protecting the environment going on from Srirangam to Srinagar she opined.

She has planted three saplings in Mumbai today appreciated the cause being taken up by the MP Santosh with the Inspiration from Chief Minister of Telangana.

The green India Challenge has become a trend across the country where people from all walks of life are coming forward in protecting the climate and stopping the pollution.

Ada has accepted the challenge from producer Gauri Krishan of question mark movie fame. Ada Sharma twitter to this extent that she has planted three saplings and would also encourage others to do so.

She advised her fans and wellwishers to plant saplings as part of the Green India Challenge. This would help in protecting the motherland from pollution she opined.

There is no doubt that MP Santosh has influenced crores of people to take up the Green India Challenge and they have planted saplings apart from influencing and challenging others.