The PM Modi will accept that the Government has failed in the strategy to contain Corona said Rahul Gandhi the Congress leader. The PM is maintaining a low profile and has become the backfoot player.

He must come in the front foot and formalise as to how they will come out of the lockdown. The migrant workers are desperate and have come to become hopeless he opined.

The Corona fight has just begun and we have to face it Rahul said. How to protect the people in the near future and especially the people suffering from various health issues he said.

I am bothered to abut today and the future of India as the Voroan virus is growing and the cases are going up he said. The central government is not supporting the states properly he opined.

I am worried of the second wave of corona and I am not an expert on Railways and Airports said, Rahul Gandhi. He wanted the Government to consult the experts on opening up of the transport in a safe manner.