sanjay raut

The Maharashtra Government is strong and there is no issue said one of the top leaders Sanjay Raut. Senior leader Sharad Pawar has met the Governorand also the Chief Minister Uddahav Thackeray and there were speculations on the survival of the Government.

Talking to the media Raut said that some people have a stomach ache and they are talking against the Government he said. Shard Pawar met the Chief Minister in Mumbai at matoshreee and they discussed coming out of the lockdown and getting back to the business it is reported.

There were reports of instability coming in from various quarters. Now Sharad Pawar meeting the Governor has raised many eyebrows. But Sanjay Raut clarified that all is well with the Government.

There were reports that the Governor has invited Pawa Saab for a cup of tea and there was nothing beyond that. Meanwhile, the state of Maharashtra and Mumbai is reeling under the crisis of Corona.

The cases are rising by the day. The hospitals are full of these cases. But the economic availability the state has to come out of he lockdown sooner or later.