subramanya swamy

Senior BJP leader Subramaniam Swamy has called Jagan Mohan Reddy the AP CM as a Christian CM. Swamy reacted to the way the properties of the TTD have been put for sale under action.

The opposition parties and leaders have seriously objected to the way the TTD chief has been behaving. Many people objected to the way the TTD laddu has been put to sale on the streets.

The said that the Laddu Prasadam has been losing the sanctity. They found fault with the way the Laddu rate has been reduced and put to sale on essay basis.

Swamy, on the other hand, tweeted against the AP CM He branded Jagan as a Christian CM. There were allegations that Subbareddy the Chief of TTD who is also the relative of Jaga is also a Christian.

That is the reason the Lord is losing the sanctity they opined. Perhaps this is the first time that a CM is being commented on religion basis. Swamy asked Jagan to behave in a responsible manner.