Viveka’s daughter questions the CBI?

Sunita Reddy

Sunita Reddy the daughter of YS Vivekananda Reddy has requested the CBI to speed up the murder case inquiry of her father. It may be recalled that YS Vivekananda Reddy the brother of former Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy was axed to death in the last elections time just before the polling dates.

She talked to the CBI officials in Delhi. Later talking to the media she pointed out that so far no one was named or caught in the murder case of her father.

But she told that the media that some people asked her to keep quiet and take care of her children. She was indirectly threatened about her children. They said that the murders were common in Kadapa and also Kurnool.

She was surprised to hear such kind of things from some officials also. I’m not a politician … the social worker Sunitha stated.

Viveka is in fact the uncle of the present Chief Minister. If the uncle of a CM is murdered and the CBI does not name or find out the reason behind this, what about the common man she questioned?

Already a person who has been accused in this case died. If the inquiry is late. The witnesses will also escape she opined. How long will it take to bring the people to book and do justice to the Vivekananda reddy who is also a former Minister she questioned?

The CBI came to AP and enquired about the murder but so far nothing was reported by the police department or the CBI. The daughter of Viveka has been running from pillar to post for getting justice.