Upasana the wife of Charan likes travelling. She is very fond of religious Tourism. The other day Upasana was at the world famous Kumbhmela and she took a dip at the Sangam with her friends.

Ever since she got married to Charan the son of Mega Hero Chiranjeevi, Upasa has been travelling with Charan for the shootings also so that she can have a look at the shooting spots. She has been cooking food for her husband Charan at the outdoor venues also.


In the same fashion, she was at the Kumbh Mela took a holy dip. There are rumours that she is doing a different kind of Pilgrimages requesting god to give her children.

Allu Arjun the son of Aravind the mega producer has already become a father is Charan is yet to make it. Let’s hope Upasanas wish will fulfil after the holy dip at the Sangam in Allahabad.

But the family members said that it was a regular pilgrimage and nothing special about it.