Puri Jagannadh

Puri Jagannadh the ace director who is not having hits to his credit these days, has reminded people of the Title Janaganamana movie which was supposed to be done by Mahesh.

Formal announcements were also made that Mahesh would be doing the movie. But for the best reasons known to Puri, the movie is yet to take shape. This script is ready dialogues are ready.

In this Puri has a line saying strength lies in attack and not the defence. This is apt for Modi as he attacked the terrorist in Pakistan by crossing over the LOC. Now Imran Khan says he is ready for talks. He wants the issue to be settled with talks.

Puri Jagannadh

Pakistan has captured one of our soldiers but he is coming back in the name of peace. But the analysts say that Pakistan is shit scared to hold the fighter pilot back.

Now the twitter and social media are viral asking Puri to do Janangana Mana with Mahesh. This the right time Mahesh and Puri’s fans decided.

Let’s hope Jana Gana Mana will be a reality with Puri and Mahesh.