TRS MP B Narasaiah Goud

TRS MP B Narasaiah Goud today stated that the Congress party was responsible for the sorry state of affairs in Jammu and Kashmir. He was addressing the media here at the Telangana Bhavan.

He complimented the BJP Government for taking the right action against Pakistan. Jawahar Lal Nehru was instrumental in not resolving the issue of Kashmir he stated. Like Kashmir, Nehru was also responsible for the issues in Telangana he said.

A visionary and master strategist like K Chandrasekhar Rao can only resolve the Kashmir issue Boora stated. He said that Congress can stoop low for the political gains to any extent.

B Narasaiah Goud

Even KCR can resolve the Ayodhya and also Ram Mandir issue Boora explained to the Media.

The TRS only can develop Telangana he said. The separate High Court was also achieved by the Telangana leaders under the dynamic leadership of KCR he stated.

The MPs have done everything that they could do for the development of Telangana Boora explained. The action against Pakistan was right and the TRS will support the same he said. The TRS will also support for the resolving the Kashmir and Ayodhya issue he stated.