The following shops/establishments providing essential goods and services shall be excluded from the Lockdown.:

a) Banks/ATMs and related activities.

b) Print and electronic media

c) IT and ITeS, including telecom, postal and internet Services

d) Supply chain and transport of essential commodities

e) E-Commerce (delivery) of essential goods including food,

pharmaceutical and medical equipment

f) Sale of food items, groceries, milk, bread, fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, fish and their transportation and warehousing activities

g) Take-away/ home delivery at restaurants

h) Hospitals, optical stores, diagnostic centres, pharmaceuticals

manufacturing and their transportation

i) Petrol pumps, LPG gas, oil agencies, their godowns and their

related transport operations.

j) All security services including those provided by private


k) Private establishments that support the provisioning of

essential services or the efforts for containment of COVID-19

l) Airports and related services