The rates of the essential commodities in Hyderabad have zoomed sky-high as soon as Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao has announced the lockdown due to Corona.

Vegetables and Bread have become a scarce commodity. Tomato which was not even costing Rs 10 in the market and was just thrown away is costing Rs 100 now.

The Bread is yet to come into the shops. One day shutdown has made all the differences. Some people are selling eggs as premium products, where they were distributed free of cost earlier because of Corona.

There is no demand for the non-veg practically. People are going for vegetarian. The tiffin centres and tea centres are closed. This is causing great inconvenience to the public in general.

Some of them have just moved to the villages nearby with their two-wheelers. Hoarding is going on for essential commodities. Onion which was 4 Kgs for Rs 100 is now Rs 55 to 60 a Kg.

The vegetable oil prices have also gone up. Some of them are selling at the rate that they just want to. No questions asked.