It may be noted that Prime Minister Modi has rugged the people across the Nation to clap at 5 PM in the evening. The idea behind this clapping is to drive away from the negative forces and bring in the right energy that is healthy energy.

Telangana CM KCR recalled that he has also urged people to make a sound on Thalis for achieving the statehood to Telangana. He and the Ministers are ready to calp to drive the negative energy called as Corona.

Express ing happiness by clapping makes all the difference. Just imagine 130 crores, people, across the country clapping at the same time. Imagine the sound. The sound itself will drive away from the Corona.

The expression and the sound will make all the difference. It will be Tali or Thali sound. That is beating on a Thali or clapping with hands. That is the expression of unity with clapping.

Let’s hope we all with unity and sound can drive away the Coronavirus.