The Congress and the NCP are yet to take a decision over supporting the Shiv Sena government in Maharashtra. The letter of support by the parties supposed be handed over to the Governor was not given.

Shiv Sena failing to meet the deadline set by the Governor could not get further time. The Governor said that he cannot extend the time to Sena once again.

Now he NCP was invited to form the Government by the Governor. Now the Congress and NCP will sit together to forge further in forming Government of Maharashtra. Now the Sena will be forced to support the Cong-NCP Government.

If they fail to form the Government then there would be no other option but to impose Presidents rule in the state of Maharashtra. It looks like the Congress and NCP are for the President rule.

The BJP is sitting on the fence and watching the developments. Sena is also mulling the options in going to the court to get further time for getting the numbers to form the Government.

The Sena is in trouble and could not get the required letter from other parties. The worries are escalating for Sena leader Uddhav. It was a mistake on the part of Sena to announce the name of Aditya for the CM post.