Shiv Sena

With the deadlock between the political parties continuing in Maharashtra the Governor Bhagath Singh Recommended to the centre that with no other option, he has recommended for the Presidents rule.

The deadline of 8.30 PM given to the NCP will be over this night. So far there are no proper indications of forming the Government from the Congress and the NCP.

BJP is just sitting like a cat on the wall and the Sena leaders are sulking and moving from pillar to post to form the Government. The Governor has come to the conclusion that no party is able to form the Government has the required numbers.

Shiv Sena is gearing up to move the court if he Governor imposes the Presidents rule in the state. Shiv Sena is of the opinion that the Governor should not go for Presidents rule.

The Congress and the NCP leaders are still trying to find some option or the other to form the Government. The decision of the Governor has come as a rude shock to Sena, NCP and also the Congress.

But the legal luminaries are of the opinion that the Political parties can continue to work on the formation of Government with the required numbers.