Mahesh Babu is lagging behind in the publicity of Sarileru Neekevvaru. So far he was seen in the Army Major dress and no other look was released.

On the other hand, the movie is getting released on the same day when Ala Vaikunatapuram of Allu Arjun is also getting released. Ala Vaikunatapuram is far ahead in terms of publicity.

Both films are getting released on the same day.

Samaja varagamana and Ramuloo Ramula are the two songs that are creating a huge buzz in the market for Allu Arjun. Mahesh is lagging behind in all aspects of the promotion of Sarileru.

The music and the songs given by Thaman have made all the difference for Allu Arjun and he went all the way to Paris to shoot the song sequences.

Trivikram and Allu Arjun are maha happy with the outcome of the publicity for Ala vaikunatapuram. Anil Ravipudi is just banking on the comedy and his abilities to make the move a success.

Both the movies are getting released on the same day and we have to see which movie wins the race. For the time being both heroes have decided to compete with each other.