Telangana gets 4th place in India Innovation report


Telangana stands 4th in India Innovation report released by NITI AYOG under major states category.NITI AYOG has been appreciating the standards being maintained by the Telangana Government in various aspect of development.

The teams of Ayog have visited the state several times and said that the schemes being implemented here in Telangana can become role models for other states.

Innovation report

The ranking is done based on

Five enabler Pillars:

1.Human capital 2.Investment 3.Knowledge workers
4.Business environment
5.Safety & Legal Environment

Two Performance Pillars

1. Knowledge output
2. Knowledge diffusion.

This is what Telangana has achieved under the Visionary leadership of KCR in the past 6 years.

It’s proved once again that Telangana is one among 5-6 states which is contributing to the Development of Nation. Apart from the Central Minister Prime Minister Narendra Modi also has appreciated the way the Telangana Government has been doing in terms of development of the state.