shiva sena

At last a strange Kichidi Government is being formed with Congress supporting from outside and it is only to stop BJP is coming to power. Congress will not be part of the Government.

We can say that it will be an NCP and Sena Government which may not last long. It looks like the Sena has compromised but the Congress is still weighing its options against Sena and the NCP.

Uddhav Thackery could be the next Chief Minister. Now 6 independents are also backing Sena it is reported. There is already a campaign that Sena is betraying the Hindutava mandate.

So far Sena has got the support of 161 MLAs. The people gave the mandate to Sena-BJP combine, but Sena has joined the hands with opposition for coming to power.

Sena will claim power at about 7.15 PM after meeting the Governor or ask for one more day to make things clear to the Governor for forming the Government and also for proving the Majority on the floor of the house.

It is completely a strange combination. It has to be seen how far they will get along and what would be the future of the Maharashtra Government. Analysts say that one can expect elections just after 6 months.