Shiv Sena


A new understanding has been reached between the Shiv Sena, Congress and the NCP. Sharad Pawar played the big brother in working out an alliance between the parties today.

The Sena will have the CM for Maharashtra for all the five years. The Congress and the NCP will have the deputy CMs. All the three will share the Minister posts.

The NCP has agreed to concede the CMs post to the Sena for all the 5 years. While NCP has more or less agreed to Senas demands the Congress is not fully happy with the CMP.

But the idea of keeping BJP out of power has come true. The maha mandate has been betrayed. The people gave a mandate to the BJP and Sena Government.

A 40 point agenda has been discussed between the political parties to form the Government and nothing on Hindutva has been discussed. Ahmed Patel and Pawar finalise the deal which Sena struck to the post of CM.

The Congress Chief Sonia has not approved the CMP as yet. Sena Chief Uddhav who said that India’s head hangs in shame because of the Congress has now joined hands with the Congress.