There are reports that Pawan Kalyan the Jana Sena Chief has landed in Delhi. After taking the YSRC and Jagan in the name of sand and Jail, Pawan is in Delhi.

There are reports that he could meet the BJP Chief Amit Shah and also the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Pawan forged ahead with the support of BJP earlier. Then he lashed out at the BJP.

Now he is moving closer to the BJP. There are reports that Chandrababu the LOP of AP is using Pawan against Jagan. Now Babu is also moving closer to the BJP.

The court also ruled that Jagan as the CM should attend the CBI Court in ED cases. The TDP and Sena expect that Jagan might land up in Jail in future.

On the other hand, we do not know if Pawan is really doing the Pink in Telugu or not. Because Pawan is getting the pulse of politics. He questioned Jagan on Sand, Telugu and also about the jail term.

Jana Sena is having just one seat, but the people are still responding to him in a big way. That makes all the difference. The BJP might take Pawan into its fold and contest the next elections.