Supreme Court


Chief Justice of India Gogoi and the Supreme Court are in news these days. The Supreme Court has given 6 judgements which became a sensation overnight across the world.

The first was the verdict on Ayodhya disputed land. The 5 member bench under the leadership of the CJI Gogoi could give a judgement which was agreeable to both the parties.

It was a historic decision wherein the sentiments of the entire Muslim and Hindu community were involved. It was a prestige to the NDA Government and Prime Minister Modi in person.

Bringing the CJI and also the Supreme court under the preview of the RTI was another sensational decision. This means that the CJI and also the court are answerable to the people. They are made accountable.

Next comes another sensational judgement where the disqualified MLAs were allowed to contest the election now. The disqualification of the MLAs by Speaker was upheld, but they are allowed to contest the election.

The decision on women entry into Sabarimala Temple was referred to a 7 member division bench. The judgement given on entry to women remains and continues.

Then comes the Rafale deal where the court ruled that there was no need for CBI enquiry into the allegations. All the allegations were found baseless.

Rahul Gandhi was rapped by the court for abusing the PM and the contempt case was closed. All these judgements given by the Supreme court were under Gogoi and in a span of less than two weeks time. The Ayodya verdict remains historic and Gogoi will also remain in history.