Minister for Municipal Administration KT Rama Rao has suggested that we must clean our house and also the surrounding to keep away Dengue and also Malaria apart from the seasonal diseases.

The time is 10:10 on Sunday. Today as part of the first Sunday he has cleaned the house and also the surroundings. He also has emptied the water from the plant pots that were lying around is houses. He has clean the surrounding at the wash area.

KTR personally removed the unwanted things around his home. He was wearing a mask and never had any attitude that a minister generally has. The staff around him tried to help with the th things, but he has done it on his own.

Minister KTR

This is like showing the way for the people also to follow him and keep the surroundings clean. The photos went viral on the web and people have seen the minister doing his job of keeping the surrounding clean on a personal basis.

From now on every Sunday will be developed by the sanitation people and also the people across the state for cleaning the surroundings. This will continue for another 10 Sundays.

After assessing the situation it will be continued in the monsoon so that theatre does not clog and will not become a breeding ground for the mosquitoes.

This is one way of keeping the Malaria away. The Minister also ordered that the Nalas must be cleaned an that the rainwater must flow without any clogs.