mock shootings

The producers and directors of the film industry are planning to do mock shootings first so that they will be knowing as to how to move forward. Around a hundred people will be present at the shooting shoot and sometimes if it is an outdocor, other viewers will aos be there around.

So taking this into consideration, maintaining physical distance is very difficult. The characters have to come closer when they are shooting the scene and wearing the mask is not at all possible.

How to maintain physical distance in a romantic scene has to be seen. It is impossible. So taking all this into consideration, the representatives of the film industry said that they will show the mock shoot film to the chief Minister first and then would get the permission. It may not be possible in this month.

On the other hand, the central Minister Kishan Reddy said that the Central Government would look int the issue and resolve it at the earliest. Al kinds of theatres will be permitted at the same time he opined.

The industry will also get some conditions from the Central Government he assured the producers who talked to him over Facebook yesterday.