Former MP Kavitha

MP Kavitha has always been kind to the people who are in real need. To this extent, she went up to the level of DGP and also the CHief secretary Soemsh Kumar to permit Srinivas who was in quarantine to attend the Ceremnary after the funeral of his daughter and wife.

The daughter and wife of Srinivas met with an accident and died. After that, the funeral was done and some ceremonies have to be attended by Srinivas at Laxsettipet.

But he was in quarantine as he returned from Dubai. There was no way that he could attend the ceremonies of his daughter and wife. But the matter was brought to the notice of Kavitha and sought the permission of CS and DGP. Then Srinivas attended the ceremonies.

People related to Srinivas thanked Kavitha for her kind gesture.

Kavitha this way helped the people in need several times. Some times she went out of the away on a personal basis to help the needy.