RRR medical reports get delayed

MP Raghurama

The medical reports of MP Raghurama Krishnam Raju got delayed and he is yet to be sent to Ramesh Hospital. The report of the dermatologist is crucial in deciding if he was beaten by the CID police are not.

The case now has to be argued in the High Court once the medical reports get finalised. The CID says it is a cooked u story by Krishnam Raju. He is already on remand till the 28th of this month. He will be in the Hospital and will not be lodged in jail.

One report from Government Hospital and another report from Private Hospital has to be submitted in the court to a special Bech constituted for the case of RRR.

A team of doctors have already examined RRR but the report is yet to reach the court. The report from a private hospital is yet to be done. The tests were done by GGH that is Guntur Government Hospital.

Meanwhile, Bharat the son of RRR has written a letter to the Minister of State for Home. Kishan Reddy the Minister of State for Home from the Telugu state assured that he would look into the issue.

The medicines used by RRR were also examined by the medical team at GGH. The CID clarified that no one has beaten RRR.