Modi Government to encourage single-shot vaccine


Vaccination at a faster pace is the right way to surge forward the Narendra Modi Government has decided. It may be noted that lakhs of people are waiting for the second dose of Covaccine and Covidhield across the country.

The same vaccines are in short as we have exported them to other countries. Now we have to wait for the second dose.

There are lakhs of people who have not taken the first dose. Taking this into serious consideration the Government and the health department has thought it right to make use of a single dose of vaccine so that we need not bother about the second dose.

Since it’s a single-dose vaccine, the pace of vaccination is expected to improve drastically if successful.

“Roll-out decision should be in June. The government needs to act fast with a Yes/No decision while ensuring efficacy is meaningful and availability is guaranteed.

Hyderabad that is the Telangana state has already received two consignments of Sputniv V the single-shot vaccine from Russia. Reddy Labs will be giving the vaccine shots soon and it would be manufacturing the doses also.

“Sputnik Light is a revolutionary 1-shot vaccine whose efficacy is higher than many 2-shot vaccines. It will double vaccination rates and help to handle epidemic peaks,” health experts at Sputnik V said earlier this month. The vaccine’s efficacy is about 80%.

The single-shot costs around Rs 900 it is reported.