Rashmika for Acharya ?


Picking up the leading ladies has become difficult for the movie Acharya being directed by Koratala Shiva. First, there was no confirmation on if Ramcharan was working in the movie.

Now it is confirmed that Ramcharan will be there and that rashmika will be watching with thin. But who is working with Chiranjeevi as the leading lady is another question?

The movie Acharya is being picturised about the endowments department. Here Chiranjeevi is playing the tole of a worker in the endowment department.

It was supposed to be completed in 99 days and Ramcharan is the producer for the movie under Konidela productions. But now due to Corona, the movie could not be made as planned.

It might get ready by this and or for Sankranthi. Koral is still fine-tuning some portion of the movie it is reported. Nayanathara, Trishna names were hard for Acharya. But it was not confined by the Unit.

Now we have to see who will be selected for Chiranjeevi. It could be Shriya now.