Parasuram the director of Geeta Govindam is all set to take off for the shooting of Sarkari Vari Pata with Mahesh Babu. The movie is being planned in such a fashion that here the director gets good remuneration for the movie.

It is Rs 10 crore for the director Parasuram. Parasuram will be seeing big bucks for the first time. Namratha will be doing a guest role in the movie with Mahesh.

Mahesh is doing a triple role in this movie. The fans of Mahesh are maha kush that he is doing 3 roles in the move for the first ’em in his career. The script is about the frauds in banks where Mahesh comes to correct the system.

 Sarkari Vari Pata

The Banks have been merged in recent times as they were reeling in financial trouble. Mahesh is also planning movie sin such a fashion that he takes the rights of the movies and not the remuneration.

He has collected around Rs 60 crore for the movie Sarleru Neekevvaru. Mythri movies and GMB are together doing this movie.