Donald Trump uses Bunker

Donald Trump

The protests are turning violent in America. The police are having a thought time in controlling the mob violence. The people are unhappy with the tweet where the White house stated if the looting starts the shooting will start.

It is reported that the President Trump was being in and out of the White House bunker depending upon the situation in and outside the white house. The situation is tense it is reported.

The white house workers were supposed to enter the duty discreetly and go out discreetly as the violence is expected here.

There are chances that as a matter of precaution the family members of Trump could also be moved into the bunker by the secret service police.

The secret service of the president is in touch with the police and are taking the necessary precautions to protect the President and the family members.

Trump and the family members can stay safely in the bunker and can face any kind of eventuality.