Raja Singh offers pork Biryani to Asaduddin

Raja Singh

BJP MLA and Controversial BJP leader from old city, Raja Singh offered pork Biryani to Asaduddin Owaisi. Raja Singh was campaigning for the BJP GHMC candidates here.

Earlier when MIM campaigned, Asad offered Biryani meaning beef biryani to Telugu people. Giving an answer to the some Raja offered Pork Biryani to Asad saying that the Valmikis will serve a good biryani to the MIM leader.

Rajansingh on the other hand has suggested the Muslims to vote for BJP for a bright future of the children. If you continue with MIM you will not prosper and your children will work with panchar shops he wanted.

MIM will not develop the old city he said. The poverty will continue and the MIM will use the people as just vote bank and they will not prosper he explained.

He was confident that the BJP will get the Mayoral post this time. Raja Singh did an aggressive campaign for the BJP candidates here and they are hoping to make dent into the MIM vote bank.

They also explained that the MIM was contesting with an understanding with the TRS here in old city. The TRS contestants are just dummy candidates Raja explained.

While Yogi the UP CM is campaigning in the old city, Amit Shah will be coming on Sunday for the campaigning. He will go to the Bhagyalaxmi Temple first.