Aggressive campaign in the city to end today

amith shah

Perhaps the Union Minister for Home will end the GHMC election campaign today in Hyderabad. Political leaders spewed venom at each other in these elections.

Even NTR and PV Narsimha Rao the Telugu legends were dragged into the campaign controversy. While the TRS is doing the campaign in a cool and steady fashion, the BJP is going in an aggressive fashion.

No hold bar high octane campaign is going on in the city. The BJP has mounted its National leaders in a big way. For TRS KCR and KTR are campaigning in a systematic fashion, highlighting the development.

The MIM leader Asaduddin is walking the streets. Revanth is the star campaigner for the Congress party. The TDP and also the communists are also contesting the election.

They were not seen on the streets. The real management starts on Monday a day before the polling on December one. Money and liquor can change the scenario in divisions overnight.

With the liquor shops being shut for the election, the contestants have already purchased quarter bottles in bulk for distribution. The Money distribution is on in some divisions.

The TRS has an edge, while the BJP will come closer to the TRS in this election.