Save Hyderabad -Build Hyderabad

kcr cm

It is time for the intellectuals to save Hyderabad and build Hyderabad said KCR the CM. He was campaigning for the GHMC election here at the LB stadium.

He wanted the intellectuals to save Hyderabad and vote for the progressive party. Vote for the sake of law and order and beware of the divisive forces he warned.

Please rise to the occasion and save Hyderabad he requested. Dont get carried away by the provocative speeches he suggested. Dont give power to others he said.

We will lose jobs, the real estate value explained. Please bless the TRS candidates he requested. Dont surrender to the divisive forces he requested.

He wanted the youth to look into the issue. I am being provoked, but I am not getting irritated he said. I am having patience he said. I am not a Delhi ghulam he explained.

I am keeping quite for the sake of Telangana. I have a force of 6o lakhs he announced. We have won so many elections. Will not compromise on the issue and on the welfare of the people he said.

He was confident that the TRS will get around 100 seats and better than the last time.