Popular director Puri Jagannath said that he salutes the police doing the justice to Disha. Film actor Samantha also expressed her happiness and she also saluted the police via Twitter.

Ravi Teja the energetic actor also saluted the police and said that it is the right punishment for the rapists. It is the right answer for the culprits to shiver before such heinous crimes they opined.

Most of the celebrities across the country are happy with the action done by the police. BJP MP Aravind said that we have to take the statement of the police in the right perspective and he said that he would support the police action.

Whatever happened in Shadnagar is good for the society he opined. Some other MPs also supported the Telangana police for doing action against therapists.

Right of wrong is a different question, but in this case, justice is done they supported the police. It is band baja and celebrations for the ladies in the Telugu states.

The panchnama is done and postmortem for the rapists would be done in Mahabubnagar. The bodies will be handed over to the family members after the postmortem in Mahabubnagar.