Vamshi Paidipalli Sandeep Reddy


There is talk that Vamsi Paidipally the director of Maharshi has narrated a gangster story to Mahesh babu and it is said to be the next movie. But there is a talk that Sandeep Vanga Reddy has narrated a similar kind of story to Mahesh where Mahesh will be a mechanic.

But Mahesh was not sure of the story which revolves around Visakhapatnam and the almost in the same lines Vamsi has narrated the story to Mahesh.

But Mahesh has a lot of confidence in Vamsi Paidipally in comparison to Sandeep Vanga. Sandeep Vanga is right now busy with Bollywood after the success of Kabir Singh with Shahid Kapoor.

Vanga was fortunate that Mahesh kept him on hold and he got Kabir Singh which proved his mettle in Bollywood also. The luck changed and a lot of name and fame is achieved in Hindi films now.

Vanga is not that bothered about the call sheets of Mahesh for the time being. We will come to know in the near future if the storyline of Vamsi and Vanga are the same.

But finally, Vamsi is all set to make Mahesh as a gangster again on a fast track. The movie would be ready by Dasara in 2020. The real thing is that Mahesh is very comfortable with Vamsi.