Cine star Balakrishna said that the encounter of the four culprits was a gods act. It has to happen and the god has come in the form of police to kill the rapists he said.

No one should attempt such kind of acts Balakrishna the superstar said. He was talking in a TV challan.

The men should be afraid of the police said Charmee the film star and the producer. Hats off to the rulers and the police she said. Today is the real Deepavali she said. All the rapist must be killed she stated.

How can you burn a woman she questioned. I am very happy she stated. We have to celebrate she said.

Shashi Tharoor the MP said that justice should be done through the legal process. But the public has been clamouring for justice he said. He opined that the decision taken was right.

The encounter was not the right justice some girls opined. They should have been burnt alive as Disha suffered a lot. Films stars Nagarjuna, NTR, Allu Arjun also complimented the police.