Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has decided to open the industries and business establishments in a phased manner has decided to talk to the CMs again this evening.

He has talked to them earlier before clamping down the lockdown for the third time. Most of the hem supported the PM and the people also more or less have endorsed his decision.
The world is talking about the decisions of the Pm and the way he has contained the Coronavirus here in India. America is already being blamed for not making a decision on the lockdown at the right time.

It was the lockdown decision that saved India. Today Pm will be taking the suggestions of the CMs on as to how to revive the economy in the country at the earliest possible.

The Passengers trains will be running from Delhi from today. In this way, the Pm chose to restart the economy ina phased manner. The CMs of the Telugus states are supposed to give their decisions.

KCR the Telangana Chief Minister is likely to support the decision of the PM. AP CM Jagan has already started opening the market.