Plasma therapy in Telangana

The Telangana Government under the dynamic leadership of K Chandrasekhar Rao has taken a decision to go for plasma therapy here for the cure of Corona Virus.

When compared to other states Telangana has been doing well in containing the Corona here in a big way. The lockdown was also implemented in a strict manner and it paid rich dividends.

Now he Government hs decided to go for Plasma therapy to cure Corona here in the state. When compared to other state Telangana has been doing well in curing the virus in a big way.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi ha also praised the efforts of the KCR Government here in dealing with the situation. Apart from ding the treatment for he Corona her at the Gandhi hospital, Telangana Government has also arranged for around 1500 beds in Gatchibowli sports complex for the COVID patients.

The Government, the police and the Santiory workers apart from the medical health department have been proactive in resolving the crisis to a greater extent.