Dil Raju to enjoy family life

It is confirmed that Dil Raju the owner of Sri Venkateshwara Productions is starting a new life. With no shootings, he ahs got a lot of time now to spend with the new family.

Last night he has married again and is beginning a new life. He is hoping that everything will be alright in the near future. He has started his life from scratch from Scunerbad and now a big producer in the Tollywood industry.

He is doing real estate also. But unfortunately, he lost his wife at an early age. He is already a grandfather. He needs a company in his life and has married again.

Earlier people brushed the news as rumours, but he has himself tweeted yesterday and confirmed that he is going got star a new life. Let’s hope he will enjoy the family life and that he will be able to tide over the Corona crisis.

Dil Right now is in the midst of half a dozen films and one or two films are almost ready for the release. He is doing Jersey in HInid along with Boney Kapoor. Dil Raju is from Nizamabad and there is a talk that he is nursing poliitical ambitions also.

It could be from TRS,. He is very lost to KTR the Minister for IT and industries.