Where was the need to sell the properties of Lord Venkateshwara questioned the Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan? He opined that the State Government has no right to sell the assets donated by the pilgrims for the sake of Charity to Lord Balaji.

The state government cannot decide on the sale unilaterally that too during the period of Lockdown he opined. The pilgrims are feeling very bad on the state of affairs at the TTD he said.

AP BJP Chief Kanna Laxminaraayna said that the matter will be taken to the court against the Government. How can they sell the properties of the lord and who permitted them he questioned.

This nothing but a big scam he opined. Some lands are being sold at cheaper rates and charged that the YSRC leaders are behind hte sale of these lands.

The sale of lands would be proved he suggested. Selling TTD Laddu on the streets and shops is also very bad and it is going against the sentiments of the pilgrims in general he stated.

The TTD is losing he sanctity day by day under the regime of the YSRC he alleged.