As the scheduled flights being cancelled, there is utter chaos and confusion at the Mumbai and Delhi Airports. Some flights landed at Hyderabad airport on a domestic basis.

The centre seats are being kept employ on flights to maintain the social distancing. Ther is a lot of demand for domestic flight tickets also. But unless and until the flight lands at the scheduled destination one is not sure if they have ot the ticket or not.

It will take some time for the flights to get adjusted to the new norms especially the Corona rules and regulations. 82 flights have been cancelled from Delhi Airports.

One could see passengers shouting at the airport against the Government and also the authorities. Long queues were seen at all the airports with the passengers having no clue as to what was really happening as some flights were getting cancelled.

Today is the first day so there is some confusion. It will take some more time for the thins to become routine. The Government is also planning to resume International flights also. But this could take one more month.