The TTD Board and the YSRC Government are drawing flak from the pilgrims and also other sections of the society for selling the TTD lands. The Board member has written a letter to the Government and the TTD Chairman Subbareddy that is is not right on the party of the TTD to sell the lands of the God-given by the pilgrims.

The TTD board is selling lands belonging to the Lord at throwaway prices. Land worth crores are being sold in the name of the auction for lakh. This being opposed by the board members and there is a talk that the Chiramna has taken the decision unilaterally.

The Minister Avanti Srinivas, on the other hand, has sid that the Government has nothing ot do with the sale of the and nad that ti was the Decision the TTD board only.

He also said that the decisions were already taken by the Chandrababu Government earlier and that t same was followed by the YSRC Government. Former Chairman of the TTD Board Sudkhakar Said that the TDP Government never sold the land belonging to the TTD. Both sections of selling the Laddos in the open market and also selling he lands at cheaper rates is being opposed by the people in General.