No non-veg for Trump !



Donald Trump the American President loves Non-veg all the time. His breakfast, Lunch and dinner have non-veg all the time. He likes non-veg burgers, Roti stuffed with beef, steaks and other items.

But in India, these items are not there in his menu. Indian Pm Modi is giving all the veg-menu and with Gujrathi style. Broccoli Samosas and corn samosas are the items on the menu here in India.

But there is every chance the American team which is in India in advance have already arranged non-veg through some means or the other for Trump and his family members.

More than the ladies, Trump is a non- veg lover. He might have had some non-veg on the flight. But we do not know if he had any non-veg items in India yesterday.

But Menu as such does not display any non- veg to the American President. We have to see if Trump would get some non-veg items at Rashtra pathi Bhavan.

KCR is taking Chicken Pakoda with him to Delhi for Trump it is learnt. Will he serve that or give it as a parcel has to be seen. But getting the beef steaks arranged for Trump is not a difficult task for the American team.

They should have done that in the kitchen of the Presidents flight already.