Trumps visit Taj Mahal 

USA President Donald Trump and his wife have visited the famous iconic Taj Mahal in Agra. They were able to make it up in the evening. The Trumps were seen in the same dress that they were in at the Motera Stadium. 
It was like a sunset date with Taj for the Trumps. It was a guided tour for the Trumps and they were explained about the history and also the importance of the age-old monument.
The President and the first lady of USA went around the monument in the lawns along with the guide as he explained to them. Melania the wife of Trump heard the guide with rapt attention.
They have also seen the Marble Platform from where the monument is viewed. They posed in front of Taj Mahal for Photos. It was like a historic visit for both the Trumps.
It was like Wah Taj moment for them. They have seen the Taj but they did not sit on the table and there was no photo-op for that moment. Trump also signed the register. 
The Tajmahal inspires awe stated Donal Trump. The US photographers were allowed closer to Trump for photos. It is a timeless testament to the rich and diverse beauty of India they stated.