Gold explodes at Rs 45000



The Gold rates have made a hole in the sky. The rats zoomed above the sky we can say. They are bound to rise further. In one day the rates have gone up by Rs 700.

Korona virus is said to be one of the main reasons for this rise in Gold rates. In one year time, the rate per gram has risen by Rs 1200 and this is a major growth.

It is reported that the workers in Gold mines have hiked their remuneration and this also has a bearing on the rise in gold rates across the world.

The silver, on the other hand, is hovering around Rs 50000 per Kg.The Gold comes to India in the form of Exports and the other way is smuggling. Daily Gold is caught by the customs in Chennai and also Hyderabad Airports.

The Gold might further go up by Rs 1000 in the coming 6 months according to the metal experts. It is good news that tonnes of Gold mines were found in Uttar Pradesh.