No Holy events please: Police

No Holi

The police have cautioned the event managers and also the public in general that no events should be conducted in the name of Holi. The people must celebrate Holi in their home and must not come on to the streets the police clarified.

The people must not celebrate the events in the gated communities also the police clarified. The permission will not be given to anyone in the city of Hyderabad and also across the state they clarified.

The idea is to prevent people from making gatherings as that could lead to the spread of Corona in General. The police are of the opinion that people gathering together can cause Corona.

Some states have already announced the Ban on Holi. UP is one of the states implementing the Ban. Holi will be celebrated on Monday, March 29.

The pandemic has affected every single realm of our lives and festivals are no exceptions.

The Centre has issued a circular under section 22 of the Disaster Management Act that advises all the states and union territories to impose restrictions prior to the festival season.