Drink tomato juice to prevent Diabetes

Drink tomato juice

Tomato juice can prevent us from a deadly lifestyle disorder called Diabetes. This is the latest finding of some doctors.Tomato gives more energy than an apple and it cleanses our stomach also.

It improves our glamour and also can be used as a face pack. There will be plenty of fibre in the tomato. It will improve digestion performance and keep the intestinal movements healthy.

This includes vitamin C, beta keratin and other acids which help the body to perform well. It reduces the weight also.

Take tomato, cucumber, mint, garlic, yoghurt and salt. Mix all of them and use a blender for getting the juice. We can use the Juicer also. If you want you can add some sweet ingredients to this drink.

It is better to take the juice before having food.

If the tomato is added to the diet, it is very useful for diseases such as cancer, hypertension, diabetes. It helps in improving the eyesight also. People of all ages can take one raw tomato a day.

The researchers have found out that one tomato is equal to 10 apples. One must be careful about the wax-coated apples as they are injurious to health.

We must clean the tomatoes before taking them in raw form.