Prime Minister Narendra Modi is of the opinion that life will not be the same again after the lockdown. The country has gone back in several aspects especially the financial conditions.

It may not be possible to lift the lockdown after 14nthApril Prime Minister Modi clarified to the leaders of the opposition and others with whom he had a video conference.

The states like Telangana and Maharashtra have openly recommended to the Prime Minister that the lockdown must continue so that we can control the Corona.

The Chief Minister of Telangana KCR has openly suggested the Prime Minister not to lift the lockdown. The majority of them who participated in the meeting with the PM has suggested that the lockdown must continue for the welfare of the Nation.

It looks like the lockdown might continue till the end of this month. Depending on the situation later a final decision will be taken. But the reality is that it might take a long time for the financial conditions to recover in the country.

It is same with the states also. No state can now say that they rich so on and so forth. Sustaining on day to day basis itself has become very difficult now.