Heavy rains

Heavy rains have been predicted by Weather department for Thursday and Friday. These rains are predicted for the Greater Hyderabad area. Moderate to heavy rains are predicted here in Hyderabad.

The Temperature has been rising in the morning and coming down in the evening. There was a sprinkle of rains in the evening for the last two days.

A thunder Bolt in the Rangareddy area disrupted the power service for two days in some areas and it was reported some electric appliances as fridge and TV got burnt in the process.

The GHMC has alerted the sanitation workers in case the city will be struck by the heavy rain. In some parts of the state the untimely rains in the summer spoiled the crops.

But the Chief Minister KCR assured that every grain from the villages will be purchased by the Government and that they need not come out oheri houses and that they must observe lockdown to ward off Corona.