Dont come out:Macca Imam


The Chief Priest of Macca masjid has suggested that the Muslims should not come out of their house in the name of Jagnekiraat. The Jagnekiratt must be celebrated at home and they must do the prayers at home the Imam suggested.

These days even after Corona and lockdown, the Muslims have been coming in groups in the make of Namaj. The Imam suggested that stricter lockdown should be implemented and that no one must come out and this is for our protection.

Don’t come out in the name of prayers even for the Jagne ki raat the Imam clarified. The people must cooperate in times of crisis he suggested. When the health is not good, others must not go to that sport the Imama stated in an interview.

But there are people who are doing prayers outside the masjids also.

Meanwhile, the Muslims who went for the religious meeting in the name of Markaz are taking treatment in various hospitals across the country. Some are yet to be identified.
They are said to be the potential carriers of this Corona.