We have seen Rana Daggubati the son of Suresh Babu in Lungi and Kurta for the Roko ceremony at Ramanidu studios. Now it has been decided the wedding of Rana will be only for the near and dear.

Corona on one side and the tradition on the other side is forcing the Movie mogul and the dress designer to remain low profile for the August wedding.

Teh wedding will be in both Telugu and marwadi traditions. Discussions between the families are going on as to if they should avoid the engagement ceremony and directly go for the wedding for 3 days.

It is going to be a three-day event for the family members of Miheeka and also Rana. The wedding will be strictly attended by the people whom the Suresh family Miheeka family invites.

The number of guests could be just 100 apart from the family members. Suresh is already preparing for the wedding. Rana is on a selection spree along with Miheeka.

The dress and jewellery are in taken care of by the girls family members. But so far Suresh has not confirmed th August 8th date.